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The Repurposed Magical Tent

A Multilinear Twitter Narrative

This project is an exploratory reworking of the book The All Purpose Magical Tent by poet Lytton Smith, published by Nightboat Books. Of what you see here, some of the original book has been omitted, and some has been rewritten.

Repurposed was devised in collaboration with interactive media designer and lecturer James Brocklehurst, in conjunction with students from the BA(Hons) Illustration programme at Plymouth University, UK, who have created imagery in response to Lytton's text.

James has written about the process here.

Lytton talked about how he adapted his writing for Twitter at the Expanded Narrative Symposium at Plymouth University in November of 2013.


The Bearded Lady

The Carousel Attendant

The Lion Tamer

The Ringmaster

The Tightrope Walker

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